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Charging the electric car in your own home gives you the greatest savings, satisfaction and has a positive effect on extending the life of batteries in your electric car.

  • When charging an electric car at home, the cost of traveling 100km is equal to the exact price for consumption approx. 15-max 25kWh * acc. your current tariff at your energy operator. Assuming that 1 kWh in Poland costs PLN 0.60 in the G11 tarf, we get the costs of driving at the level of 9-15 PLN / 100 km. In the tariff G12as from which they have the opportunity to use owners of electric cars at night between 22 and 6 in the morning cost 1kWh is approx. 0.30 zlotys, which gives a cost of 4.5 - 7.5 zlotys for each 100 km traveled. Prices at commercial fast charging stations are incomparably higher, therefore 80-90% of electric car owners load them in their own homes or underground parking lots in multi-family buildings.
  • If you already have a solar installation in your home, this electric car is just for you,
  • when charging an electric car at home, you do not waste time on a charging station, your car is charged eg at night when you are sleeping,
  • home AC charging stations have power up to 22kW max and the max charging power is limited to the internal AC charger power in which your electric car is fitted, usually 7-11kW. Charging the battery with such power is the most recommended for maintaining expensive batteries worth several dozen thousand zlotys in perfect condition. Frequent charging at super-fast DC stations with power> 50kW and often even 150kW or more may in special cases cause a gradual loss of battery capacity in your car..

* average energy consumption of the most popular electric cars on the market with economical driving and the value of max. for keroes who like very dynamic driving.


At Evston, we have the best solutions available for you on the market for charging electric vehicles at home.

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